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Only nature is capable of creating a unique beauty & diversity in each stone.

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Saba stone

saba stone
Our story begins with the foundation of a small stonemasonry workshop located in the southern region of Old Tehran, ninety years ago, established by the great ancestor of the Alimadadian family line, Abdollah Alimadadian. A veteran of his trade, he aimed to achieve mastery in his craft in a time where machinery and automation were non-existent in Iran, and stone-cutting was conducted all laboriously and manually, in the hands of individual stonecutters.

Iran's economic growth, a surge in the construction industry and a pressing need for stonecutting machinery pushed him to consider the foundation of a stonecutting factory to meet these demands.

The Firouz Stone Company was established thereafter in the year 1955, on a 2500m2 plot in Shahr-e-Rey, in South Tehran, equipped with simple machinery fit for cutting small blocks of persian stone.

Years after in 1970, however, with the purchase of more modern equipment, for example block cutters from the Italian company, Gregori, the company increased its production, with improved quality of manufacture.
stone factory
The second family generation, now equipped with vast experience and a youthful energy behind it, was able to push the factory's progress to new heights.

With the passing away of the founding father of the company in 1988, the responsibility of its work was passed in entirety into the hands of the next generation.

In 1997, with the vision of growth and breaking through to a more international market and exports, the factory was transferred to Shamsabad Industrial City, on the 45th kilometre of the Tehran-Qom Freeway. Moving to a plot 15,000m2 in area, this originally small and modest workshop now transformed into a fully-fledged and capable modern industrial unit.

With the advent of new and improved machinery from BRA in Italy within the complex, production could be improved and increased at a rate suitable for both national and international markets.
By 2002, with the newly involved third generation of the family, an additional 15,000m2 plot was acquired along side the existing factory, leading to the foundation of the Saba Stone Co. in an effort to further expand the business to meet requirements.

With the purchase of more machinery from European manufacturers, for example Pedrini, a solid production line was formed, capable of producing quality materials at much higher capacities, transforming the company into an strong competitor in the export industry.

This was aided by the establishment of the warehouse named Tile Land Ltd in London, United Kingdom, a decision made to facilitate relations internationally, particularly within Europe, a move which allowed the quick growth of the operation outside the country.

In 2012, an office and showroom was also opened in North Tehran.

Our growth and progress as a company is evident and we aim to continue this legacy indefinitely.

By means of our continued marketing and market research, improved relations with customers both within and outside the country and more rapid and efficient delivery of our stone samples, we remain up to date and ready to evolve and improve for years to come.