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Only nature is capable of creating a unique beauty & diversity in each stone.

About Sabastone

This company benefits from the best machinery and production facilities there are to offer such as:











among others ...

We are able to produce and provide a multitude of different stone color products with various different finishes, with the utmost quality and attention to detail for example: stone tiles, slabs, mosaics, and stone with tumbled, raw, split-face, brushed antiqued, shot blast and sand blast finishes to name a few, as well as bespoke and made-to-order decorative pieces.

With the ability to produce 1000 square metres of product a day and our expansive industry knowledge, we make the entire process easy for our customers taking any order from start to finish with minimal hassle for our clients.
sabastone factory
stone packaging
The Saba Stone and Firouz Stone factory group produce 300,000 m2 in various stone products for construction annually, comprising of stone tiles, slabs, mosaics, and stone with antique, tumbled, raw, split-face, brushed antiqued, shot blast and sand blast finishes to name a few.

Today, this has placed us at the forefront of Iran's stone exports as one of the innovators in the industry.

This would not have been achievable without the honest efforts and experience of three generations of a hard-working family line, that have proceeded to continue their trade with sheer dedication and passion for their craft.
Our products are manufactured with precise and stringent quality control testing in mind, ensuring that our clients receive the best that this industry can provide.

With a variety of environmentally-safe packaging solutions catered to individual products, be it tiles or antique-effect mosaics, complete with appropriate coding and meeting all standards required for international freight, we make the order effortless for our customers and make sure that each order is received in the best condition possible. We listen to our client's individual needs and make sure that our packaging is exactly in line with their demands.
saba stone mosaics
Our personnel monitor every unprocessed stone block from the quarry before it arrives at the processing factory, to ensure quality, aesthetics and to make certain that it reaches the requirements of our clients.

We believe that our selection of excellent primary materials is the first step in establishing the quality of the final product.
stone quarry